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Free shipping after spending 40 euros.
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About Qnails

We are friends, style lovers, modern day ladies, coffee sippers, spa-goers, basically your average day women who love to enjoy life and work hard to do so. Therefore, time and simplicity is so important to us.
We bring you stylish and beautiful nails that are simple to create in the comforts of your own home. This easy little touch can bring so much joy and beauty to our everyday lives while not taking away precious time from enjoying the other finer things in life with people we love, doing things we care about.
Our products are non-toxic real gel nails and made with love in Korea with the finest silk-screen printing using real gel.
They are easy to put on and easy to remove, not harming your nails the way gel nails do. Yet they provide the same beauty that gel nail art provides in less than half the cost and time.
Join us in this new revolution of being stylish simply.



Love Nicole and Tara