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10 Tips to Maintaining Healthy Nails


So having healthy nails is not the toughest thing in the world. Keeping them clean is also essential for your own hygiene and good health. Therefore, take care of them. Afterall, a persons nails, though frequently overlooked, give hints to the persons personal habits and therefore can form the impression that others have of you.
So here are some tips and ideas. We are pretty sure you know most of them but we all need some reminders don't we.

1. Keep Them Clean

Do not let bacteria or fungi breed in your nails. Clean them frequently and always let your nails rest between manicures to let them breathe.

Use a small brush and salts to gently brush your nails and skin around it every couple of week.

2. No Biting of Nails

Saliva weakens the nails and make them brittle. It is also unhygienic, obviously. Get a chew toy instead if you have anxiety issues.


3. Use a Moisturiser

Moisturise the nails and cuticles with oils and creams to prevent dryness and flakiness.

4. Trim Regularly

Regular trimming keeps the nails in good shape and gets rid of dirt trapped under them. It is also a pretty therapeutic process. Instead of heading for the beers, trim your nails for some wind down time.

5. Do Not Scrape off Nail Polish

I know, once we see that chip or scratched surface of our nails, we just want to get those polish off, even if we are out without a remover on hand. But we must repeat, never scrape them off no matter how annoying they look. By doing so, you remove the top coat of the nail and creates a rough surface on your nails.


Maybe carry polish removal tissues in your bag if you are a frequent polish user.


6. Avoid Gel If You Can

So as long-lasting and pretty gel nails are, the entire drying and removal process is extremely damaging for your nails. You press-ons or gel nail strips instead. We have real pretty ones in our store so check them out. They are easy to use and not harmful for your nails.


7. File your Nails in One Direction


I know right, it couldn't get more obvious. But yes filing your nails in the same direction ensures a smooth tip and prevents brittleness. Do it gently too and aggressive filing can further weaken the nails.

8. Avoid Polish With Harmful Ingredients

So what are they, sulfates and parabens are bad for the skin. Also for nail biters (ref point 2), it is dangerous as polish chips easily and can be ingested. Therefore, no biting of nails and use non-toxic polish.

9. Do Not Use Acetone

Find removers that are acetone free as acetone damages the nails and harms the skin.

10. A Healthy Diet

All beauty tips includes this so we had to. But it is true. For stronger nails, we need to include vitamin E, protein, iron, vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium to our diet and the best form will be in fruits, vegetables, legumes and other natural and organic food sources.

So now you have it, simple ideas to maintain healthy happy nails. Now if you are keen to pretty them up too, check out Qnails K-beauty nail strips. They are non-toxic and easy to use. Thanks for reading.


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